About Us

Shimai Jayachandra
The Designer

Shimai Jayachandra
Founder, Design Director.
An award winner from the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai.

After years of travel, research and understanding various arts, crafts and textiles from around the world along with her fourteen years of experience as a fashion designer, she has translated her passion into an online store - ‘Urvii Mantreh’, meaning divine rhythm of the earth.

She blends ideas of world art in her collection through experimental designs and innovative concepts whilst maintaining its incredible heritage and values. The common thread in all of her work is the strong focus on modernization of motifs and meticulous craftsmanship with quality in its pure form and complexity. She believes that a brand can be raised with all the technologies that we have today, but still with the human touch of handmade techniques.

She has also been consistently engaged with the weaver communities of Balaramapuram, Arani, Chanderi and Madanpura with which the label co-exists. It’s an ongoing project that aims to improve their income and to make their environs humane.

“I have always been attracted to art and history. India, with its endless wealth of craft and heritage, continues to be my constant source of inspiration. Combined with my visits to countless countries makes me keenly attuned to the beauty of textiles and artistic influences of the world; whose forms, colors and patterns are often reflected in our one-of-a-kind clothing.”

Rarima Jayachandra
The Stylist

Rarima Jayachandra
Co-Founder, Style Director.

Rarima has distinctively shaped the editorial shoots for Urvii Mantreh, mapping its DNA that lasts long even after the trends fade.

“The vision of all the imageries at Urvii Mantreh encircles modernity and how it can transport you to an imaginary world of beauty, glamour and elegance. It's like no visual you've ever seen before. Brand identity, originality, emotion, art-of-style and fashion poetry -- that’s what we've blended into every single Urvii Mantreh product portrayal.”



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